Updated 02/20/2019

February 03 – Sunday
09:00am | New Members Class
Location: HPF Sylvia Room
New Members are invited to attend this class where you can learn more about your church and have your questions answered.

February 09 – Saturday
10:00am | Women’s Ministry Girl Talk/Expanding & Conquering
Location: HPF Sylvia Room
Women of God, you are invited to come join us from 10am to 12noon for this blessed time of fellowship.

February 16 – Saturday
06:00pm | Couples Ministry Sweetheart Dinner
Location: Houlihan’s Restaurant, 65 US1, Metuchen NJ
There is no fee for this event. Couples are responsible for the cost of their own meals. Please contact Sister Dana and Brother Phillip Courtney at 732-922-6697 for additional information and to RSVP/Sign Up.

February 20 – Wednesday (Cancelled/Rescheduled to 2/27)
07:30pm | Inner Healing Class (2 of 3)
Location: HPF Sylvia Room
Class cancelled due to inclement weather. See rescheduled date/details below.

February 22 – Friday
07:30pm | Corporate Prayer Meeting
Location: HPF Sanctuary
This meeting is for intercessors and those who want to develop and grow their prayer life. According to Acts 5, there is tremendous power released when the church prays together on one accord. We pray together from 7:30pm to 9:00. Come and join in this move of God!

February 27 – Wednesday (New Date)
07:30pm | Inner Healing Class (2 of 3)
Location: HPF Sylvia Room
This class was originally scheduled to be held on 2/20 but was cancelled due to inclement weather. All are welcome to participate in this rescheduled class. The class is titled “Getting to Know the Great Physician”. These classes teach on how Jesus heals from the inside out. Prayer is offered at the end of the class.


(12 midnight to 3pm)
Morning Prayer Call
(6:00am to 6: 15am)
218-895-0335 Access code 369078
Interactive Bible Study
(7:30pm to 8:30pm)

Ministry Event Sign-Up
Sign-up can be completed on this website through the,  Contact Us page. Be sure to Include the name of the event that you would like to attend in the message area.

(Events are held at HPF, unless otherwise noted)