Welcome to the official website of Higher Purpose Fellowship!

We, the family of Higher Purpose Fellowship, are thrilled that you have made the choice to visit our website and learn more about all the ministries and resources that we provide to assist you in identifying and fulfilling your “greater purpose!”

Higher Purpose Fellowship (HPF) is a cross cultural and diverse church which began October 2011 in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Pastor Michael Lynn Miller was led of the Spirit of God to start a church that would impact Northern and Central New Jersey.

If you believe that there is more God wants to do in and through His church this is the place for you!

Our mission, as a local church…

is to lead people into a God fulfilled life. We do this by showing the unconditional love of Jesus Christ and consistently preaching and teaching the whole counsel of God with emphasis on the need to find your life’s purpose and pursue it, for the Glory of God.

Higher Purpose Fellowship is here to lead, serve and mentor Christian’s into spiritual maturity and a satisfying relationship with Jesus Christ. The latest statistics say that 41% of Bible believing, God honoring Christians do not affiliate with a local church. It is our prayer and desire to be a solution to that problem.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or visit any of our services. Our family would be honored to have you as our special guest and we look forward to sharing a worship experience with you when you visit Higher Purpose Fellowship.